Sunday, December 28, 2008

The New Year's New Work

With the New Year just around the bend we've been talking about our writing of the past year and looking to the future and the New Year's work. I'm going to start with a clean, bare new sheet/screen and just let the type flow, like the oft-used writing exercise at workshops when you must keep the pen moving across the sheet for fifteen minutes, just pushing out the words... and frequently then the juices do flow. I'm going to dig up ideas from our last trip and let it all stream.

Then, I'm going back to my WIP.

I love the after-Christmas weeks - no more cards, wrapping , baking, visitors.... only ice and snow out there but us inside with pen, pad, screen and keyboard. After last week's storm I was walking in the park, and thought that down there buried under the ice on the pond was the subject of one of my easy-to-read stories. I went home and found the story buried in my computer and began to dig it out.

It didn't look bad but with the help of time I can now see where I can start to re-write and strengthen the story, enhance the plot and enlarge the characters. Then I'm moving on to more research on my revolutionary war period PB and a re-write there. I hope to need a spot in June along with Meg - or sooner !

The New Year's old and new work - it'll be fun.


  1. How wonderful that you could find a story buried in 6-8 inches of snow! I look forward to reading it.

  2. I love the after Christmas weeks, too. Just yesterday I wrote all of my writing goals for 2009 and I think I got a little carried away, but hopefully some good will come from it.

    I hope you find lots of inspiration this winter!

  3. I love stumbing across an old story that has potential. In fact my current WIP is just such a little nugget.

    I must get myself a bit more organized though, and stay that way...a goal for the coming year.

  4. A new writing year reminds me of how I felt every September at the beginning of school . . . loving the pristine pages in notebooks with shiny, bright covers.

  5. I love this week, too! We just got home and I took a look through my docs, seeing what should be saved and what needs to be tossed as I move on to a new computer (Yay!)It's like digging for buried treasure!

  6. I think I'll love next week much better. The kids will be in school again, lol. It's been a fun few weeks but I'm ready for some routine again. So is my waistline.

    I'm going to query some agents and continue with the WIP I began during Nano. Hope to get the fire under my butt to full blast soon, lol!