Friday, April 17, 2009

Library Loving Challenge

I just wanted to make sure everyone knows about Cynthea Liu's wonderful library loving challenge. Leave a comment on her blog and she'll make a generous donation to a library in need. Click on the link below for details:

Plus you can still join in on the fun of Cynthea and her famous bunny Snoop's cool Red Light - Green Light Contest. Check out how to enter at:

The contest has been going on for a while, but there is still one picture book free-tique slot up for grabs. And Cynthea's free-tique's are incredible! Plus she's offered some feedback to every manuscript entered in the contest.

And the coolest news of all is...

my picture book #187 just won the first picture book free-tique slot! It's cool to have gotten enough "green lights" to reach the final page. And it's even cooler that I'm going to get Cynthea's opinion on how to make the manuscript better. (She helped me transform an easy reader several years ago after another wonderfully fun round of Red Light- Green Light!)


  1. How cool is that Brianna? You go, girl! (okay, woman, but for alliteration sake, girl is better, whatever the case...Write On!)

  2. Two wins? You are now a free-tique goddess! Nice work getting green-lit (green-lighted?) again.

  3. I entered one of Cynthea's first page free-tique contests and her comments were very helpful. Congrats on another win!

  4. GREAT news, Brianna.
    And it's a cute bunny, too.