Saturday, September 19, 2009

As The Wheel Turns - Or Stops

Sometimes I picture my writing life as a spinning wheel. As I turn it, my ideas and words fill the spindle a thin strand at a time. Three weeks ago, I had an idea for a story and as I worked the wheel, the bare spindle slowly gained girth. Then the strands snapped. The wheel spun to a stop. I was plunged into a crisis of 24/7 care-giving. Forget fiction. Reality ruled.

How did I start to regain my writing life when the crisis was over?

My critique groups came to the rescue. This week I read and critiqued sections of two novels - an excellent way to reconstruct my writing frame of mind. Reading clever dialogue and vivid descriptions as I rooted for appealing three-dimensional characters inspired me. Thanks, fellow writers, I'm ready to return to writing.

Critique groups support you in obvious and not-so-obvious ways. Right?


  1. Crit buddies can be the best sources of inspiration and encouragement! Your group sounds like a good one. Congrats on getting back into a writing frame of mind.

  2. I, too, was inspired by the great writing we critiqued on Friday. It's wonderful to be partnered with such talented writers.

  3. Posted about being inspired by my critique group on Saturday and now it's Monday morning. Hope a wisp of that writing excitement will sustain me through this week.

    Bet it will. And if by chance, it doesn't, I know where to go to get help. Yes, MG, and Meg, where would we be without a critique group?

  4. Support? Yes. encouragement? Yes, yes. Inspiration? Yes, yes, yes!

    I've learned so much from reading and critiquing everyone else's work. And been so inspired by it all.

  5. It sounds like I missed a good meeting. Sigh.