Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm About to Burst!

Okay, so when I was a little kid, we got to my grandmother's house on her birthday.

"Open your necklace, Nona," I told her.

This often told family story always reminds me how hard it is not to tell people something I'm really excited about!

Well, for the past few weeks something very exciting has been happening, and now I can finally let it out...

My picture book, "Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?" is going to be published by Random House!

Maybe I didn't keep it such a secret after all. You all probably heard my screams of joy when I got the critique and emails that brought me to this exciting moment-- even if you live nowhere near New Jersey.

Right now, it is all so exciting, but also rather unreal feeling. I have been working and dreaming for this for seven years (I went back through my old writing emails to trace my path to publication), and now it is actually going to happen.

I am sure there will be lots to do in the weeks and months ahead, but today is a day to celebrate.

So please take a virtual piece of cake and a virtual scoop of ice cream and join me in my celebration! I look forward to joining all of you in yours real soon! :o)


  1. Congratulations! I thought I heard a faint scream not too long ago. :-)

  2. This news deserves a scream loud enough to wake ALL the diggers in world no matter where they sleep at night!!


  3. So that's what that noise was! Congratulations. {helping herself to a big piece of spice cake with caramel frosting and a side of vanilla frozen custard. mmmm. Great party!}

  4. Congratulations!!!! How exciting! :)

  5. Thank you all so much for joining the party! I just knew those screams would be loud enough that some of you would hear them.:o)

    Gale-- I'm pretty sure my scream did wake all the diggers in the world! No one could have slept through it!

    And AnneB-- I'm so glad to know that I'm such an amazing cook and hostess in my virtual parties! Maybe someday the skills will transfer to my real world parties too! :o)

  6. HUGE congrats! Let us know when you have an illustrator and pub date!

  7. I wondered what that noise was....A great big HUGE congratulations, Brianna! Random House...WOW!

  8. Thanks so much, Bish and Corey!

    And Corey, I promise I'll let you all know as soon as I have an illustrator and a pub date! But beware, you may all hear another scream before I get to share the news more officially in a blog post. :o)

  9. Happy pub date to you, happy pub date to you, happy pub date, dear Brianna, and an exclamation point too!

  10. Brianna,

    Congratulations on your first book deal! I enjoyed your story about the necklace very much. This is my first post here and what a great day to join in. Cake and ice cream all around. It is a day to shout out!

    Linda A.

  11. Hmmm, even in NC I could hear you scream!! I'm so happy for you Brianna, this is AWESOME NEWS!! Are you practicing your author signature so you can dash it off at all your signings? Savor the moment, you earned it!!

  12. Brianna, congratulations!!! Bet the moment is even sweeter because it was seven years in the making. Enjoy your well deserved success!!

  13. Hooray! I love hearing your good news, it makes me feel like it really can happen for me, too! (and I'm approaching seven years since I first subbed a p

  14. Brianna:

    This may be your first, but it's the first of many to come! I look forward to hearing many loud screams from you!

  15. Thanks so much for the congrats, guys! This party is so much fun!

    J.L.-- Love the song!

    Linda-- Thanks so much for posting! Please come back again soon!

    Robin-- Oh no, author's signature? I'm going to be in trouble. :o)

    Nandini-- Yes, seven years does make it sweeter. If I had gotten a contract right after I started out, I can't imagine I would appreciate it in the same way.

    Meg-- Thanks!

    Constance-- It really can happen for you too! You never know when that right manuscript is going to find the perfect editor's desk!

    J.A.-- Hoping to lose my voice again sometime soon! :o)

  16. Congratulations!! What wonderful news. I'm late to the party . . . hope there's cake left!

  17. Thanks so much, Marcia and Susan!

    And Susan, there is definitely cake left! What flavor would you like? (I'm partial to chocolate myself!)

  18. Brianna,

    Again - Wonderful Congratulations! DIGGERS is a fabulous,clever and charming story for young childen - and shows off your creativity. Much more to come!