Sunday, March 27, 2011


I'm writing this new post while traveling in the magnificent southwest. We have been hiking in the red rock city of Sedona this week. Once you leave the bustle of downtown Sedona and find your trail head and swing off down the path, you forget the business of town and enter the quiet and solitude of this inspiring land.

Since some of my books are non-fiction, the natural beauty here starts my literary juices flowing. Many believe that positive energy emmanates from special vortexes here. The unique splendor of the land does inspire me to write as I gaze at these incredible rock formations and start to figure how to explain these wonders to children in a way that will interest and entertain them and convey to them the sense of beauty and the science of the sites.

We also visited the Grand Canyon, just a few hours north of Sedona. This is such an awe inspiring place in its vastness and beauty. So again jolted, I jot down new ideas for manuscripts on rivers, erosion and canyons that must differ from my book, CANYON, but which will tell another story of this fabulous world.

And now I need to sit down when we return home and form these ideas into text. Forming ideas - like nature forming canyons and rock formations - hopefully my ideas take form faster than in geological time!

That's what we writers need - time - a difficult commodity - and sometimes it seems like it does take eons to complete a manuscript, bring it to the critique group, revise and refine it, and hopefully bring it to a firm formation, and not to have to abandon it, as we have been talking about here this month.

Inspiration - Time - Formation

Better get started!


  1. Hard not to be inspired by Sedona and the Grand Canyon. My knees buckled when I saw GC for the first time. No amount of seeing it in pictures can prepare you for the reality.

    I'll have to look up your book - Canyon!

  2. Travel and time are both friends to the writer!

  3. Julie,
    You're right - no matter how many films or photos we may have seen of GC, we still gasp in awe at its vastness and splendor when we stand on the rim and look across...and it presents so many terrific ideas for children's books.

    Time is a valuable friend for us writers. I think we don't often value time, and the quiet time, that we need to center and write.

  4. There's something about nature and walking that stimulates the writer's mind. Even in New Jersey! :)