Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"It Just 'Happened to Happen' and Was Not Very Likely To Happen Again."

Strange how life works. You spend time in a publishing desert and then, by a quirk of scheduling, you have books published two months in a row. Happy dance? Oh, yes!

This week, Okenko Books released my picture e-book app FALLING LEAVES AND FOOLISH BROTHERS.
Last month it was TEN KINDS OF CHAIRS TO COUNT. (See my post on 4/8)

Now if I could persuade a certain print magazine to publish the four pieces they're holding, maybe this publication-a-month streak could continue for a bit. Ha! Not very likely!

I know two in a row won't happen again, but the digital world does seem to run on an express timetable. I waited four years to see my traditionally published picture book. With Okenko Books I also waited for illustrations, but in each case, it was only one year from contract to publication!

Is digital publishing of original picture books always this fast? Or was I just lucky? Could anyone with more digital publishing experience take a guess?

(My post title thanks to Dr. Seuss and Bartholomew Cubbins)


  1. That's awesome. Congrats! Nice blog you have.

  2. SUCH EXCITING NEWS! I have no idea if digital publishing is consistently as fast as you have experienced, but at this point, who cares?
    Wallow in your good fortune and rewards for hard work!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS, Gale. Wow! This is such good news. I hope your stats go through the roof.

    Linda A.

  4. Ron, Meg, and Linda,

    Thanks for the congrats. I am enjoying a very rare (for me) happening. I suppose Jane Yolen would take this as ordinary? :)

    Thanks also to Ron for the comment on the blog. It's been a group journey with some hitches, but it's running pretty well now. A lot of work for our most tech- savvy members, J.L. and J.A.!

  5. Gale:

    This, too, looks absolutely great! Looks like you picked the right digital publisher!

  6. Wow, two sales, that's quite a happening. A huge congrats from me, too, Gale! I agree with J.A., the covers are first-rate.

  7. Thanks to the others who commented, even though your thoughts and my answers have been swallowed by a Blogger problem.