Friday, July 8, 2011

It's a Matter of Trust

Recently, I began reading a mystery by one of my favorite "grown-up" mystery writers. The opening pages began with a chase scene.

I do not like chase scenes. I especially do not like them at the start of a book when I don't know the characters or their situation. Usually, these types of scenes at the beginning of a novel make me put a book down.

But this time I did not put my book down. I paid careful attention and waited for the story to make sense. Soon it did. Within a few pages it took off and it was quickly up to my favorite author's usual high standards.

This whole experience made me think about how much of writing is about trust.

Every time we write a book or a story, we must gain the trust of our readers. If an author has written many successful books, readers may give that author a bit more of a chance. Trust has already been established, just by the author's name. But, for the rest of us, every chapter, every scene, every word we write is critical to establishing that trust.

This made me think about First Page sessions and why that first page is so very, very critical How can I gain the trust of a reader with my very first words so that reader totally and completely enters the world I am trying to create?

Yes. It's all a matter of trust. Hopefully my stories are up to the challenge!


  1. Great post, Brianna. Those first pages are so important. You need the hook -- but you also must establish trust that the hours spent reading our words are hours well spent. Every word has to make the reader believe when they get to "the end" they will be satisfied, emotionally and logically.

  2. I third the importance of the first page. If I think I'm in good hands, I'll read on.