Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No Longer Alone

Once upon a time, I wrote alone.

With the help of a few books (including my trusty CWIM), I drafted picture books, chapter books and short stories. Eagerly I sent them off into the world.

They boomeranged back, rejections.

Then I found ways to join a community...

I joined SCBWI.
I attended conferences.
I learned from online children's writing board communities (including the awesome "Blueboards", fellow kidlit bloggers and Twitter).
And I found my awesome critique group!

This community helped me to understand so much more about how to write for children. Manuscripts no longer boomeranged back. There were "good rejections" and acceptances. My work was published in magazines. I signed with my awesome agent! I signed my first picture book contract!

I don't believe any of these successes would have happened without the wonderful, supportive community I have been blessed to find through the years.

To my fellow Paper Waiters, thank you!!! You have each helped me to grow so much! I will miss you so much as I move across the country. You are such a special group!!! (And I am so glad that I can remain in touch with each of you through the online community that is our blog!)

And for our awesome Paper Wait readers, what communities have helped you to grow as a writer?


  1. Brianna,
    Yes, a writing community is so helpful. I especially appreciate the online writing group I joined. Will you continue to post here after you move? I wish you well. Congratulations on your forward movement on your writing journey. How awesome to have a book deal and an agent! Iknow lots of young readers will enjoy your upcoming nonfiction book. Much continued success!

    Linda A.

  2. Linda-- So great that you have found an online writing group to support you in your writing! (And I am definitely planning on continuing to post here after I move. Actually, I am thrilled that we have this blog. Even as I move across the country, I am looking forward to being able to keep up with all the exciting writing adventures of my fellow Paper Waiters! :o) )

  3. To say we will miss you is such an understatement. But I'm so glad we'll continue to talk about writing here. And that we'll continue to share our challenges, solutions and successes -- and I hope there are mega successes for all of us!

  4. I'm really sorry you won't be here when your PB is published next year!

    We'll miss the excitement, but I'll still make sure to get a signed copy.

  5. J.A.-- Oh wow, I'm already missing you guys just thinking about it! Looking forward to celebrating lots of successes!

    Gale-- Oh I am sorry I won't be here when the book gets published! (Got an email from my wonderful editor yesterday saying the mechanicals of "Diggers" should release in the next few days. This publishing process is all so exciting! :o) )

  6. Hey! You are never alone in the writing world! Writers are everywhere! I nominated you for an award! Come check it out at: http://ottilieweber.blogspot.com/2011/08/award.html !!

  7. Brianna - A move is so exciting and daunting at the same time! Honestly, The Paper Wait has been the best way for me to keep in touch with who I still refer to as "My NJ group" - I've built up the legend so much, I swear I think my new group is sick of hearing about y'all!

    So good luck!! And reach out to fellow writers. My first pal here was a writer who I can now call a great friend. You'll always find a community!!