Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Inspiration . . . Frustration, Chapter II

Chapter two of my August 16th post "Inspiration . . . Frustration." I struggled with my idea until one day, while vacationing in Maine, inspiration trumped frustration. I was off on a writing binge. In three days (and fairly sleepless nights) I had a first draft. In six days I had a story. The next week, things took a surprising turn.

Back story: a few months ago, I signed up for a writing conference and submitted a manuscript for critique with an editor. Conference day arrived and on a whim, I slipped a copy of the new truck story into my folder to take with me.

The critique session was cordial and useful. The editor said the manuscript I had submitted had a "fun, bouncy text perfect for toddlers," but was "a little slight" (that hated word) and needed more tension and depth. I agreed with her suggestions.

Five minutes left. I asked if she would be willing to scan my newest work and handed it over. Her expression changed as she read. Then she asked if she could take the story with her because she would like to take it to an acquisition meeting!

Have no idea when I will hear, but when I do, I'll write chapter three of "Inspiration . . . Frustration."


  1. Okay - now there is a perfect example of a cliffhanger!!!!!

    Congratulations on letting inspiration trump frustration!

  2. OMG - These stories are like vitamin pills of inspiration. Awesome Gale! Can't wait for the next installment :)

  3. J.A. and Robin,
    Thanks for the comments. I had a reality check today - a rejection letter for a story I was pretty certain would make the cut with the Carus magazine group.