Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Getting Myself Out There

Did you ever see the movie Limitless?  One of my favorite lines is right toward the beginning of the film where we see a truly disheveled Bradley Cooper walking through the streets.  His character is narrating the scene and says:  My excuse for looking like this?  I'm a writer.

I really did LOL with that one.  Mostly because I can relate.

One of the aspects of having an author platform is being...well...visible.  

After years of keeping my writing cards close to my chest and spending my working days looking fairly disheveled, becoming visible has been one of the more challenging things to do.

So I'm taking baby steps.

And I'm sharing those baby steps with you Paper Waiters!

Here is my Intro Interview on the OneFour KidLit blog, where I talk about my sometimes arduous path to being published. 

And here is my first ever YouTube video, made with assistance from my ten year old!!  The OneFours have a YouTube channel, and each month we'll be covering a different topic. April's topic is INSPIRATION.   In my video I talk about some of what inspired me to write THE PROMISE OF AMAZING.  If you have a chance, take a look!



  1. Congrats on the video about where your ideas for the novel popped up in real life. And speaking of inspiration, your post on the One Fours about your path to publication is an inspiring read.
    So many would have tossed the whole idea after the first or second disappointment and you held on for years.
    Bask in your pre-publication sunlight!

    1. Thanks, Gale!! If it weren't for my supportive writer buds, I may have thrown in the towel!!

  2. I laughed at that line in LIMITLESS too.

    And I loved your video. I loved that you tucked away that idea and never let it slip away. I'm so happy for you and so glad it all payed off!

  3. Judy, I love LIMITLESS, I think because of the writer aspect of it (which of course turns out to be really small) I often wish that little pill existed! Especially during revisions!!

  4. Loved your interview, Robin! And your video is awesome! I so love hearing stories of where book inspiration came from! And I'm really curious to read, THE PROMISE OF AMAZING, where all these elements come together. (And bonus: now I know how to properly pronounce your last name. :o) )