Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 Random Things About You? I Tagged a Famous Friend on Facebook

And here is my famous friend's response.

25 Random Things About Me:
1. I come from a single parent family.
2. My favorite foods are bananas and nuts.
3. I'm a kidnap victim who lives in permanent exile, but the trauma hasn't made me neurotic.
4. Always wanted to fly like a bird. Fell off an ocean liner trying to soar with the seagulls.
5. Once I dialed a random phone number and all hell broke loose.
6. I was born in a jungle.
7. I'm pretty good at folding and floating newspaper boats.
8. I dislike zoos.
9. I like to ride bikes and to fly kites.
10. Thanks to luck and my agility, I once escaped from jail.
11. Yellow is my favorite color, but I wish a certain someone would ditch his nerdy yellow hat.
12. I never obey traffic signs or signals.
13. Once I swallowed a puzzle piece and ended up in the hospital.
14. I'm not afraid of heights.
15. I enjoy making people smile.
16. Zoom! I love to race when I'm chased.
17. I have parachuted out of a space ship. Earned a medal when I landed.
18. I've worked as a house painter. Love spreading those colors around!
19. Sometimes I smoke a pipe after dinner.
20. I have good balance - can walk on telephone wires.
21. I'm fond of balloons, especially red ones.
22. I've ridden on a 78rpm record player.
23. I have trashed an exhibit in a natural history museum.
24. Sometimes I wish I had a sibling. Double the fun and adventure!
25. I'm exceedingly curious about everything.


  1. Very cute!

    I confess to feeling extremely troubled by this Famous Person's Random things until I read #4.

  2. Yes, Robin, C.G. it is. Pretty easy to guess after a while.

    One thing I should have added is that he doesn't think he's neurotic, but he certainly qualifies as hyperactive!

  3. I suppose C.G. tagged his friends too. Can't wait to see what random things the man in the yellow hat, the store clerk, the sailors, the firemen, and the balloon man put in their lists!

  4. I love it. Though, like Meg, I was concerned at first!

  5. Hello to you, Jacqui. I hope your concern about my famous friend was short lived. :-)

    I've read on your website that the publication date for your second picture book has been postponed. Yes, we authors sometimes have to wait what seems like an eternity for illustrators to finish. In my case, though, the wait was worth it. Hope you will feel the same way.

  6. Gale, it's true. But it's also true that my website is horrifically out of date and TWO OF A KIND comes out this July (hurray). Note to self: update website.

  7. Okay -- am I the only one who didn't quite get it until I read everyone's comments and then slapped my head?

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  9. And I thought it was so obvious. Silly me!

    Have I been retelling too many stories about foolish people lately? Perhaps so.