Sunday, January 10, 2010

My New Year's News!

As I sit down to write this post, my first post of last year feels fresh in my mind. Last year, as the entire writing world seemed to be making wonderful productivity resolutions, I was just a few weeks away from giving birth. With expectations of sleep-deprived nights in the months ahead, increased productivity seemed an impossible goal. So I resolved to lower my expectations for a bit and appreciate the wonderful roller coaster my life was about to turn into.

So now as I look back on 2009, I can appreciate:

*the birth of my beautiful baby boy!!!

*my oh so grown-up 3-year-old who is now all potty trained and helps me pick out baby food and bibs for his baby brother

*the many doctors, therapists and generous family members who have helped our baby to make some wonderful progress through a very tough year

* and the WONDEFUL AGENT I just signed with--

Wait! Did I just say agent?

Yes I did!

Somehow in the middle of this crazy year, I managed to revise some old manuscripts, create some new ones and sign with the incredibly awesome...

Teresa Kietlinski of Prospect Agency!

With all her experience designing picture books, Teresa is the perfect agent for me. And for those of you who read about my submission indecision malady,well, needless to say, a smart, energetic agent like Teresa isn't going to let my manuscripts just sit on my hard drive. We're going to revise them and get them out onto editors' desks. Hurray!

Here's hoping next year's New Year's news is even more exciting! (I won't say it out loud, but you all know what I'm hoping for. :o) )


  1. Brianna:


    I can't wait to see all those wonderful manuscripts matched will illustrators and on the shelves! And your easy readers flying off the library shelves into eager little hands!

    Congratulations and hug those boys for me!

  2. Wow! Congrats on the agent and on all the other wonderful things that have happened in the past year.

  3. What a great year for you! So awesome. And an AGENT! Double WOW.
    Way to go.

  4. Wow! What amazing news twofold! Enjoy your newborn, I love those cuddling days! And congrats on your agent!

  5. Thanks so much for the congratulations, guys! It is soooo much fun to get to share good news with our awesome Paper Wait readers! You guys are all fantastic!

    Now off to plan a first birthday party. Wow did this year zip by!

  6. Brianna,

    That is awesome. My friend Tiffany signed with Teresa recently and she really sounds AMAZING!

  7. Hurray for you!

    As I told you in an earlier email, you deserve this success. You've worked hard during a year that's been a roller coaster of joy and concern.

    May you and Teresa have a long and publication filled relationship!

  8. Corey-- So cool to hear you are a friend of Tiffany's. I visited her website after I found out she was a client of Teresa's. Loved her poetry!

    Gale-- Getting news like this after a year like this definitely makes it feel all the more meaningful!

  9. A HUGE congratulations on the birth of your son AND for signing with an agent. Here's to a joyous NEW YEAR/DECADE!

  10. This is just too exciting! I totally get the sleep deprived mom syndrome and I'm incredibly impressed with what you are doing. Yeah!

  11. Brianna, I could not be happier for you! I'm doing the happy dance for you! Oh, no, wait, that's the holy-smokes-it's-freezing-up-here-in-Vermont dance.

  12. Brianna, I'm THRILLED to hear your WONDERFUL news! Congratulations! What a blessed year you've had--with another blessed year to come. Time to celebrate!

  13. Congrats on your great news! Wow, a beautiful baby boy and an agent. You have to be just LOVING it!

  14. Congrats! Here's hoping every January brings something as great as the last two.

  15. Thanks so much, guys! It is such fun to celebrate with friends!

    Meg-- Love the "holy-smokes-it's-freezing-here-in-Vermont-dance"! Can't wait to hear about your latest residency!

    Jacqui-- Sounds great! January will become my new favorite month!

  16. Brianna - What a year for you! Congrats on all your blessings. I think we'll be seeing your name on the shelves mighty soon :)

  17. Robin-- Thanks for the vote of confidence! I'm betting we'll be seeing your name up on those shelves mighty soon too! :o)