Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Writing

Summer writing - what we've all been talking and writing about. The distractions of summer living and vacation, keeping motivated when there are so many inviting activities to do outside - swimming, hiking, boating, gardening, traveling, visiting farmers' markets and picnicking, barbequing...and eating summer's fresh food, especially here in the Garden State!

But though there are lots of distractions, I love summer - all of it - even the steamy weather and the consequent thunderstorms. But I especially love being freed from some of the year's requirements and being able to sit outside in the shade surrounded by reference books, pads of paper and many WIP. I make myself go inside at times and work at the computer inputting my new words. Then I know that I can go outside again and revise the printed manuscripts. It's the ease of summer living that helps ease the muse.

Once I get in the groove and get set up, the motivation comes. It's fun to be able to work with words, ideas and plots. That's why we write - we like it - the process. Of course there are also the stumbling block moments - but after awhile we get through those too.

Writers are often encouraged to write because "you love it." And we do. But there's the other side of the equation too. We love our story and want others to read it and love it, so we need an editor and publisher to love it too. We write because we love it but as Mark Twain said in his inimitable style and humor,

"Write without pay until somebody offers to pay."

That and summer time when the "living is easy!"


  1. I'm with you, Eileen. Shade trees, pads, WIP, lemonade, even the occasional T-storm are lovely. I wrote my best stuff during the years when I was off all summer, cottaging by a lake in PA. Working fulltime (for now), but looking forward to summer 2012 when I can join you under a tree and write, surrounded by reference books! Have a great (and productive) summer.

  2. You wrote exactly what I've been thinking lately. I'm about to go to the cottage for a few days and I'm hoping the lazy swinging of a hammock by a lack will motivate me to write a few more chapters in my WIP. If not ... well there's quite a few books on the TBR pile to dig into!

  3. Toby and Nelsa,

    Sounds like cottages by a lake are the common denominator for finding summer motivation and productivity. Would be a great idea and I would love the lake - but I'm afraid the hammock wouldn't do for me - it would probably send me right into a sound summer nap.

  4. That's why I can't write in the summer -- I don't have a cottage by the lake! I'll have to see if I can fix that.

  5. I'm putting a kiddie pool on my deck -- call it lake light.

    Seriously, I love working outside. We set a canopy up on the deck and ran electric out so we can work outside at any time.

  6. Summertime = No Work + Kids at Camp (until 4:30 p.m.) = Time to Write. That's my motivation.

  7. Meg, Those cottages on the lake sound great to me too. Let's find one! Up in Saratoga by Skidmore College where I went there is a wonderful Writers Retreat called Yadoo. We need a Yadoo!

    Judy, What a great idea to run a cord outside to deck or patio so you can keep up the motivation on the keys.

    Janice, Sounds like the best motivation of all - the kids - whom we dearly love- and for whom we write - gone for some of the day - giving us a little writing room.


  8. I've never spent any time near a lake, but I know when I try to write with an ocean view, the view takes over and I'm mesmerized.

  9. Summer. I remember summers when the only activity offered was READING. No one cared what I was doing as long as I kept out of the way. Times have changed, I guess. What does that mean for the publishing industry?