Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Writer's Vacation?

I just got back from a family vacation. A wonderful (and much needed!) family vacation. We swam and kayaked, hiked and caught frogs. I took a painting class and a pottery class. My husband and I even went dancing and ate dinner by candlelight. It was heavenly!

There was only one thing missing from this near perfect vacation... I didn't write.

Now part of me thinks it has to be completely obvious. If I didn't write, it wasn't a writer's vacation. But another part of me argues that it completely was.

I got the time and relaxation I so desperately needed to clear my mind. So I returned refreshed and ready to write. (A fantastic feeling!)

But still, the idea of a writer's vacation really got my mind whirling. What if I scheduled a getaway to a beautiful and inspiring place and just got to write. How incredible would that be?

So my fellow Paper Waiters and our awesome Paper Wait readers, crazy logistics aside, I have to ask: Anyone up for trying to figure out how to schedule our very own writing retreat? (Ah, how I love to dream...)


  1. Brianna, sounds great to me! (BTW, this may not be the beautiful and inspiring place you had in mind, but NJ SCBWI is doing a writer's retreat in Princeton this October.)

  2. Brianna, you have a super idea for those writers whose daily life is hectic with child care and perhaps a job.

    Those of us who are unemployed empty nesters have no real need for a writing retreat - but it's still an appealing idea!

  3. Count me in! Now we need to find a place with all the attributes from Robin's wish list...

  4. I, too, just returned from a family vacation. I took my laptop along, thinking I'd get some writing done. Ha! Fat chance of that. I am a lonely writer. Too many distractions - the beach, the pelicans, the cool June breeze, the margaritas, not to mention my children, their significant others and my husband - were too tempting for me to concentrate on writing.

    Now I'm home again, the laundry is done, the house is back to normal, and everyone has returned to their schedules which means I have the house to myself. THAT'S my writing retreat.

    But I admit that I fantasize of a house in the mountains filled with fellow writers who tap away at laptops or scribble with pen and paper, sharing in my companionable solitude, writing during the day and then sharing a a meal (preferably cooked and cleaned-up after by someone else) and a bottle of wine at night, with a fire of course even if it's summer.

  5. I'm in! Let's make it happen. It's easy. Step 1: Choose a location. Step 2: Decide on dates/length of stay. (First, ask Mom when she wants to spend "quality time" with her grandkids.) Step 3: Mail Evites. Step 4: Retreat!

  6. Um, yes count me in.

    Asheville is supposed to be a creative vortex...just sayin'! Anywhere, I'm IN! :)

    But never underestimate the power of going away on vacation and NOT writing. I think our brains still whittle away at story ideas while we're playing - I've always found a break is a good thing!

  7. Hey Guys,

    Sorry I took so long to respond. My computer has been driving me crazy lately.

    Corey--An NJ SCBWI retreat in Princeton may not be exactly what I described, but it sure does sound wonderful!

    Gale-- I agree. It does seem like this need is especially bad for those with young children or crazy work schedules. But everyone can find it inspiring and fun!

    J.A.-- Please let me know when you find a place with all the attributes from Robin's wish list! That would be the best retreat ever!!!

    Meg-- Your fantasy sounds wonderful, but I agree that laundry done and house back to normal is a pretty good writing retreat too...

    J.L.-- I love your action plan! Let's really do this!

    Robin-- Yay! Asheville sounds like it could be great! But I agree with you... Anywhere, I'm in! (And your completely right, taking a break can be really powerful for my writing too.)