Monday, November 1, 2010

Bubble Past the Guilt

I am so guilty.

Guilty of getting dragged into volunteering yet again at my kid’s school. Guilty of answering the phone when I should be focused on my writing. Guilty of checking my email every time it beeps. Guilty of surfing just one blog/website/forum. Occasionally, I’m even guilty of Oprah.

So I’m climbing into the bubble.

The bubble as described by Deborah Heiligman, author of Charles and Emma, and this year’s keynote speaker at the Rutgers One on One Conference. In between lots of laughs, Deborah doled out some exceptional advice. Some of her advice I already follow, like always carrying a notebook. But I do thank Deborah for the handy dandy all-weather notebook that now graces my shower. Who knew they even existed? Now no idea will escape me!

But Deborah’s bubble talk is what really got to me. She laid it out. Pick your time. Let’s say, from eight to one. That would work just fine for me. That’s writing time. Time when phones go to voicemail, the old information highway turns into a parking lot, and the only breaks taken are the ones that help spur the writing on.

So who’s with me? Who will stand with me against the time sucking internet behemoth and write in a bubble? Who will echo, “No. I can’t, I work during that time.” Come on, writers! Climb into the bubble!


  1. I love that you have one of those shower things to write on. I saw those online a few months ago and wanted one!

  2. Lisa, I'm not the only one who has one. Deborah generously gave them to all attendees.

  3. I've been lazy lately, too! For me, it wouldn't even need to be four hours. Two hours would be enough to get me back into a regular writing schedule . . . as long as I do it EVERY day.

    I'm always saying next week, next week, when life isn't so busy, but it won't happen until I make myself do it TODAY.

  4. Oh, I'm with you, J.A. I have already cut WAY back on my internet time -- the number of websites I visit, the forums I comment on, the blogs I follow -- but I am guilty of checking my email whenever it beeps. And that often takes me to Facebook, which is a time sucker like no other!

    But I am with you in the bubble now (as soon as I finish this comment).

    Oh, yeah, how do I get a notebook for the shower?

  5. To get your own handy, dandy all-weather notebook, check out