Monday, November 8, 2010

PiBoIdMo: Electric Ideas!

In my last post, I was getting excited for Picture Book Idea Month. Now it's here, and I thought I'd post about how it's going.

If you had asked me after the first few days, I would have said pretty good. I came up with some cute ideas, but none of them were grabbing me quite yet.

Then came yesterday...

with not one but two really exciting ideas!

So, if you asked me how it's going now, I would definitely say, fantastic!

As I compared yesterday to the days before it, it's interesting to me to see how my idea gathering process works.

There are some ideas that I get and they go onto my list. I like them. I really do. And maybe someday I'll put in the effort to grow them into books.

Then there are other ideas. The ideas like the two I had yesterday. The moment I think of them, it's almost like a current of electricity runs through me. My mind can't help but start trying to figure out how I can transform this idea into a first draft. (And yes, by yesterday evening I had started to write a first attempt at both books.)

Now the first kinds of ideas sometimes do grow into books for me. Sometimes they collide with other ideas I've got and become something even more interesting.

But the second kind of idea. Now those are the ones that almost always turn into something interesting for me. They often take a very long time to complete, beyond the excitement of that initial spark. But that excitement for the topic seems to sustain me throughout.

So, why gather thirty ideas you might ask. Why not only gather the ones that send a jolt of electricity through you?

But it's only through regular conscious idea gathering that I was open to "catching" both of yesterday's ideas. I knew I was looking for ideas, so everything I saw became a potential idea.

Plus, it's interesting that yesterday's ideas really draw on two of the PiBoIdMo blog posts on Tara's site. One is about something little-- or at least not big (Thanks, Brandi Dougherty!) and the other is a list (Thanks, David LaRochelle!). I wasn't consciously trying to do either of these things, but I'm sure that subconsciously the blog posts stuck with me. (It is so great to hear how other people generate ideas!)

So, that's how PiBoIdMo is going for me. And I'm pretty excited about it!

How's your writing November going for you? PiBoIdMo? NaNoWriMo? Drafting? Revising? Editing? Waiting???


  1. Wow! So interesting... next year, you should be writing a guest post for Tara!

  2. Corey, she's writing one this year!

    I'm glad the ideas are flowing. That's really the "idea" of the whole thing--ideas can build upon each other if you make a habit to do a daily creative exercise like this. Brainstorming at its best.

  3. Brianna,

    Congratulations on "electric ideas" being generated. How exciting!

    I linked to one of your blog posts on a recent "Thrift and Gift" post. I referred to the one about Reading Like a Writer. I encouraged readers to read like a blogger. Check it out at It's the one where I spotlight Niki Schoedenfelt.

    Keep posting great things! I love this group blog.

    Linda A.

  4. I can't imagine coming up with one idea every day! I have a hard enough time following through on one idea, let alone 30.

    Glad to hear it's going well for you, Brianna.

  5. Yay for those electrifying ideas -- aren't they the real reason we write?

  6. Hi Guys,

    Sorry I'm so late to reply. Things are crazy, as usual. :o)

    Corey-- So glad you found this interesting! And I've drafted my guest post for Tara, but I'm feeling nervous after reading all the ones that have gone so far (including yours-- What a wonderful reminder about not giving up on ideas!).

    Tara-- Thanks so much for creating this very fun month to get those ideas flowing!

    Linda-- So glad you're enjoying the blog. And thanks so much for linking to my "Reading Like a Writer" post! It's so wonderful to know that other people are enjoying what we're writing!

    Meg-- I think that's one of the things that is so fun and interesting about writing. Different strategies work for different people. (I can't imagine NaNoWriMo working for me, but it sure sounds wonderful for a lot of people. :o) )

    J.A.-- Yes, electrifying ideas are definitely one of the most fun parts of writing!

    P.S. I'm so glad I called this post "Electric Ideas". My initial titles were "Status Update" and then "How's It Going?". But switching the title to "Electric Ideas" seems to have given a bit of electricity to this post. Definitely shows me how much impact a title can have!