Monday, January 24, 2011

Looking for Alaska Five Years After the Printz Award

John Green.
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  1. I am so glad you posted this. A friend recommended "Looking for Alaska" and I've been like, Gee, well, I don't know...

    But now I totally want to read it. If only because this guy is awesome.

  2. Aahhhh … John Green. If it weren't for my husband, my kids, and, well, my cat - John Green would be a the top of my list. Well … maybe not … there's also M.T. Anderson.

    But seriously, he is so right about the LOOKING FOR ALASKA I read being slightly different from the one everyone else reads. Just like every writer brings baggage to their story, readers do too.

  3. Brigid - It's a great book, and what I found so interesting about this particular clip is John Green's journey to publication. I love hearing "in the trenches" stories.

  4. I LOVE that the Looking For Alaska that I read is different from the Looking For Alaska that you read. It's so true - of every book - yet it's something I seldom think about while reading!

  5. John Green has also said that his final drafts are ninety-percent different from his first draft. That he adds so much as he goes. I love hearing this. It really helps me keep moving on first drafts, even if I know it's not "right."

  6. If John Green is always so frenetic, can you imagine living with him? Would drive me nuts.

    I do think "Looking for Alaska" is the best one he's written so far.

  7. I loved Looking for Alaska, and now I have background info on it.

    I was hooked and I have two of his other books.