Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Word for 2011

On the CW yahoo group, Anastasia Suen challenged writers to come up with our "word" for 2011. What writer wouldn't love such a challenge?

But it has not been an easy challenge for me.

Should my word be "organize"? That's always something I need to work on.

Or should my word be "relax"? Life has been pretty overwhelming for the past two years, but things finally seems to be getting easier.

Or perhaps it should be "celebrate"? After all, last year was the year I got my very first picture book contract. And I'm super-lucky to be working with my fantastic agent and editor!

Yep. All these possibilities could be good choices, but, as I'm writing this post, I'm sitting in bed with a yucky head cold. I have spent three days exhausted and getting nothing done. And so I've decided that my word for 2011 is...


Yes, in 2011, I need to take care of myself and replenish my energy supply. Even when I'm not sick, I'm running on empty far too often.

And what's wonderful is that writing energizes me. So I've got to find more time to write. Yay!

I'm just thinking about it and I'm starting to feel a bit better already. :o)

So, what's your word for 2011?


  1. My word should probably be persevere. All too often when I hit a writing rough spot and have to make a decision about plot, character, or dialogue, I put it off and go do something else. There are always errands or household chores to do.

  2. My word is too simple: write. If it hadn't come to me in a dream, I'd have flung it aside in search of something "deeper." But at this time, I don't need any more "deep meaning" as much as I need to act on what I already have and just write. :)

  3. My word is BELIEVE. I will trust that my writing is good enough and will find a home.

    Linda A.

  4. I'll have to go with two words: Envision Success!

  5. Wow! These are great words, guys! I love them all!

    Gale-- Yes, "persevere" is such an important word in this business. It is so easy to do something other than the really tough work of writing.

    Marcia-- I don't think your word is simple at all. It is essential. We must write (and personally, I need to write a lot more often :o))

    Linda-- Oh, yes. "Believe" is such a big one! We have to believe in ourselves enough to get our work out there so that it can be accepted and published!

    CL-- "Envision Success" is wonderful! (And unique-- I love how you chose two words-- I wrote some blog posts a while ago about the importance of breaking rules. Nicely done! :o) )

  6. Confidence.

    In my writing.
    In my choices.
    In the process.

    It sounds sort of self-help-ish, I know, but it's a word that many well meaning writer pals tell me needs to be in my vocabularly. So. There it is!


    Advice often is to imitate successful I also choose


    and focus!

    but especiallky persevere - as the old proverb says....there are many brilliant do-nothings and educatred derelicts...
    but nothing takes the place of perseverance...

  8. Robin-- Confidence! That's a good one. And you should definitely have it! (Your writing is amazing!)

    Eileen-- Nice imitating! You have chosen some awesome words for 2011!