Wednesday, February 2, 2011

There's an App for That

Recently, we've talked a lot about the emerging digital market and how it will affect writers. But a recent GalleyCat post took a different point of view. 27,000 Horrible Kids’ Apps & Other Digital Book World Dispatches laments the overwhelming number off children's books apps that are --as Rukus Media CEO Rick Richter says, "horrible."

Now we've all seen good and bad self-published books. More bad than good, in all honesty. But published books still far outnumber self-published books and published books are far more available to every reader.

But it is highly possible that in this technology rush there are far more self-published apps than apps from traditional publishers, or newly launched, legitimate, digital publishers. As GalleyCat asks, who will curate the App space?

Who is ready to develop an app for that?


  1. I hope I understand this correctly. These apps will let any Dick and Jane publish a children's book?

    However, to me it's the same as saying that Boy Scout carpentry projects are going to give Ethan Allan a run for its money.

    Not likely.

  2. I think the question of "who will curate the app space?" is a great one. When a technology is new, lots of people rush in. But eventually leaders will emerge. Hopefully those leaders will deliver quality in children's apps!

  3. I need an app that teaches me what an app is and why I need it.

  4. I've been thinking about the reviewing of apps and will post on that in a couple of days.

  5. Linda -- right now, anyone can self-publish a children's book anyway -- so lots of people with a little code-writing ability can now write a children's app, too. The problem isn't that someone can put out a lousy app, it's that there isn't yet an easy way to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    Brianna -- it will be interesting. Right now, when I look at apps, I scroll through way too much stuff before I find anything I'm interested in.

    Meg -- oh, no you didn't!

    Gale -- I look forward to reading it!

  6. Just thinking about apps makes my head spin. What are they? How do they work? Which ones are good? Help! I'm sticking with print. I get it. I like it. I think I'm becoming a dinosaur.