Friday, June 8, 2012

Enjoying Publication!

Last month I wrote about the mammoth to do list I was attempting to accomplish in the two weeks prior to the publication of my picture book, "Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?"

At times, accomplishing all the tasks on the list seemed impossible. But now, several weeks after my book is available for purchase, I can give you the update and...

I did it! Nearly every task I listed is done

The book trailer is now complete. (And I think it looks pretty awesome!) You can check it out here:

And the online Truck Stop Book Launch party was a truckload of fun! (I haven't taken it down yet, so if you haven't gotten a chance to visit yet, please do! Truck Stop Book Launch

And school visits have been so much fun! Especially the one to the elementary school I attended as a child. (My fourth grade teacher brought my fourth grade picture to show to her current second graders. Thanks Mrs. Moskowitz!)

And the Touch-a-Truck day that the Junior League of Seattle planned was so much fun! I got to sign copies of DIGGERS (alongside Seattle's awesome Mockingbird Books) for lots of books for lots of enthusiastic truck fans!

So that's the update! I'm so glad that last month's craziness is gone!

Although it's still pretty hectic around here.

(Two more school visits next week!
Yay! This is fun!)


  1. Sounds like a great launch! We miss you here in NJ, but at least we'll get to see your book! Congratulations.

  2. Well done Brianna! The trailer and your website look great. You've gotten a ton done! Congratulations!

  3. Fantastic! Truck Stops across America should sell your book! Adorable!

  4. Great job!
    I'm curious, how much of this digital work - the trailer and the Truck Stop page was done at Random, and how much of it was your responsibility?

  5. Thank, guys!

    J.A.-- I miss you guys too! Very much! So glad you liked the launch!

    Julie-- Glad you liked the trailer and the website! They were a ton of fun!

    Linda-- Aah, wouldn't that be wonderful if truck stops across America sold my book! (I'm pretty happy every time I find it on a bookstore shelf. :o) )

    Gale-- We did the trailer and the truck stop "in house". They were projects that I was really excited to do And I am lucky enough to have amazing "tech support" here at home!

    The only parts I hired out for were the voice over for the trailer and the illustration for the truck stop (which I have now blown up to poster size for school visits).

    Random House has been super helpful! They coordinated permission for me to use the illustrations, provided me with the digital files of the illustrations to use for the trailer and they are distributing the trailer to different channels (including Teacher Tube, where you saw it). (It will be awesome to see it on the Random House channel of Youtube!)

  6. Thanks so much, Ariel! Hope you enjoy the book!

  7. Brianna, Congratulations! It's so nice to hear positive news, and all the hard work you put into it - so happy you are getting to enjoy the ride now!! Love the trailer!

  8. Congratulations! Love the book trailer, your new website and especially the book!