Friday, November 9, 2012

Inspiring Communities

I just got back from my local SCBWI meeting. It was wonderful!

Two local authors presented inspiring workshops. (Thanks Lisa L. Owens and Ben Clanton!) Before that there were fun and funny announcements from our wonderful regional advisors, and good news announcements. Always such a pleasure to hear!

Usually, people don't think of writing as something social. But, when this social component is there, it is such fun. Now that I live across the country from my amazing Paper Wait critique group, these wider community connections are essential.

Of course, there are many ways to find community. Like many writers, I find such wonderful community online. Especially at Verla Kay's Blueboards!

And in November there are even more opportunities for online community. Good luck to all those who are doing NaNoWriMo!

My writing challenge of choice is Picture Book Idea Month. It is such fun to read the blog posts Tara Lazar has been posting each day from a wonderfully talented group of authors and illustrators. (If you read only one (and I definitely advise reading more than one), you must read Day 9's post by Kelly Light. Incredible.)

I am definitely inspired from all this wonderful community! Must get back to writing!

What writing communities have you found? Do they leave you feeling inspired too?


  1. Brianna,

    I too am following the posts on PiBoIdMo and Kelly Light's post was amazing. The opportunities for community online are endless. I'm also thankful for our great blog and awesome critique group!

    I recently went to The Original Art Show at the Society of Illustrators. It's hard not to be inspired (and not to drool) touring a gallery of original picture book art. Everyone walking through the exhibition exuded such joy while absorbing all that great art. Events like this present a different but valuable type of community.

  2. Online support like the Blueboards is great, but what I enjoy more is the free ranging discussion at a critique meeting.
    Now that Sandy has departed, maybe we can start writing again!

  3. Sharon-- Oh, a show like that sounds like a wonderful type of community! What a great experience!

    Gale-- Critique group discussions are incredible, aren't they? I miss our group tremendously!

  4. And we miss you!

    I'm hoping to get back in the writing rhythm. A week without power definitely threw me off my schedule.