Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Look Who's Coming to Dinner!

Thanksgiving is here! Already!  We still have uneaten Halloween candy!!

Stores are hawking their Black Friday sales - some even starting BEFORE Thanksgiving. (Black Wednesday, anyone?) Christmas decorations are adorning shopping centers and private residences. And my sure fire way of telling the holiday season is upon us - Starbucks has their holiday hot cups! And Peppermint Mochas!!

So, I'm going to keep this light. I'm hosting an incredible (albeit virtual) Thanksgiving feast and you're all invited! Please bring your favorite dish and a guest - a character: hero, villain or otherwise - from your favorite children's book. Picture books to YA! Classics to contemporary! Everyone is welcome.

Hmmm...I invited Severus Snape, but seeing as a)he doesn't want to fraternize with Muggles and b)he doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving and c) well, there was that nasty business in book seven...he declined via owl.

So instead my guest will be the lovely Katniss Everdeen. She promised to provide the fowl.

Who will you bring, dear Paper Waiters?


  1. I think I'll bring...Pippi from Pippi Longstocking. She'll bring some Swedish pancakes and some bright gold pieces dug up from the garden of the Villa Villakulla! Happy thanksgiving to all the Paper Wait-ers from me and Pippi.

  2. I'll bring Curious George and a loaf of banana bread. George has promised me that he'll behave and be a model guest - no monkey business.

  3. Ariel - Love Pippi!! Swedish pancakes..YUM!!

    Dawn - Thanks!

    Gale - hahaha, what would Thanksgiving be without a little monkey business!!

    Sounds fun so far!

  4. Love this post, Robin! And love these guests! What a great idea!

    I would like to invite Charlie-- at the beginning of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when he really need a good meal. And, if there's enough space at the table, I'd like to invite his whole family (especially Grandpa Joe).

    And my 6-year-old would like to invite Mary Poppins which should make for a supercalifragilisticexpialidotious meal!