Friday, December 21, 2012

My News!! And a Giveaway!!

Okay, so, I wasn't going to post this quite yet since I'm sure everyone is busy with the holidays but  I can’t hold it in any longer…

I HAVE A BOOK DEAL!!!!!!   Balzer + Bray is publishing my debut YA, The Promise of Amazing, in 2014!!!  Champagne for everyone!!!

I’m still pinching myself.

In honor of this and in the spirit of Christmas, I’m having a GIVEAWAY!!!   

In the comments section, tell me which writers have influenced you and why and I’ll randomly select someone to win a $25.00 Amazon gift card!  Okay, my turn:

One of the writers who has influenced me is fellow Jerseyan, Judy Blume.  Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret was the first book I remember falling in love with. I lived in that book. It was also the first book I read over and over again.  What struck me most about that book was the way it made me feel.  I was going through some of the same things that Margaret was going through…trying to figure out where I fit in, who my friends were, getting a bra, (worrying about having something to fill out said bra!), and going to my first boy/girl parties.  These were thrilling, yet sometimes, scary events!  Reading about someone going through those same things made me feel that all the emotions, the highs and lows, that I was experiencing were…normal.

This is what I aspire to do in my own work -  to create characters and stories which grab you by the collar and pull you into their world.  To laugh, cry and maybe even recognize yourself there.

So how about you, Paper Waiters?   Which writer has influenced you?  Any comments left before midnight on December 24th will be eligible for the giveaway!!  (Just make sure to include an e-mail address so I can contact you!)

Oh, and I apologize for the overuse of exclamation points...but I just can't HELP IT!!!!!!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Forgive the caps and the exclamation marks! So happy for you. I loved getting to buy books from Scholastic. I remember pouring over the book lists for hours to select just the right book. It was better than searching the toy catalogs at Christmas.

  2. Robin - You know no one is happier for you than us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that means I have to use multiple exclamation points too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wen straight to adult novels at a young age (two older sisters), so I didn't really start reading and appreciating books meant for younger readers until my own kids were reading them. Then I found myself devouring them. And I haven't stopped.

    I can't wait to devour yours!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Robin,
    So happy for you!!! Your talent has FINALLY been recognized!!! This will be an especially merry Christmas for you - a happy dance with Santa?

    You asked about who influenced our writing. When I began many years ago, I most admired Arnold Lobel, Rosemary Wells, and James Marshall.

  4. Wow, Congratulations Robin- I can't wait to read your book!

    I loved Arnold Lobel's Frog and Toad series when I was growing up... both the stories and illustrations. I also remember poring over Hilary Knight's illustrations in The Best Little Monkeys in the World by Natalie Standiford.

  5. Yay, Robin!!!!!!!! So very happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait till 2014 to read your book!!(And I just can't help my overuse of exclamation points either. I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    As for your question, I think the writer I read as a child that most influenced me was probably the wonderful humor in books by Beverly Cleary (just read Henry Huggins to my son). As an adult, I also fell in love with wonderfully wacky humor from Kate McMullan (I love Dragon Slayer's Academy) and amazing poetry collections by Nikki Grimes and Kristine O'Connell George.

  6. Robin,
    It's me again...Linda Andersen. I hope that line brings back fond memories of your favorite Judy Blume book. I didn't realize this was you Robin until I started reading the other comments. Congratulations again. I met you at an SCBWI-Carolinas Conference. You were hanging out with Niki and others. I'm so happy for you! I forgot to leave this earlier.

  7. ROBIN!!!! WHOOO HOO!!!! So happy for you.

    What an awesome way to go into the New Year!

    Barbara O'Connor, Beverly Cleary, Judy Blume, and Sara Pennypacker are my idols in middle grade!

  8. Thanks everyone! Will do drawing later! Very scientific :)

    Love to hear all of your influences!

    Linda - I remember!!! Thanks for stopping by :)

  9. Robin

    We are so proud of you up here in NJ!! You have great talent and we at the Madison critique group have watched it grow and now will watch it come to fruition with your new novel about to be published. Many warm Congratulations!!!!

  10. Robin

    We are so proud of you up here in NJ!! You have great talent and we at the Madison critique group have watched it grow and now will watch it come to fruition with your new novel about to be published. Many warm Congratulations!!!!

  11. Eileen - Thanks!!

    Sorry it took me so long to get my act together but Linda A - You've won!!!

  12. Woohoo! I just discovered that I won!!! Am I ever excited. Thanks Robin. Email me for my address. Be sure to see my last name as "sen."

    What a terrific surprise!
    Linda A.

  13. Robin,
    I haven't heard from you about the giveaway. My email is here:
    Please note the second "e" in Andersen. I didn't want to print my address on line.
    Linda A.

  14. Robin,
    I got my gift certificate and I'm looking forward to spending it. Thank you so much. I wish you much success with your upcoming book. Yay!