Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Resolving to Write

With the New Year just around the corner, resolutions for 2013 come to mind.

I resolve to write one picture book manuscript each month. How will I keep that resolution, you may ask?

I am joining the picture book writing crowd at Julie Hedlund’s12x12. A spin off of Tara Lazers’ PiBoIdMo, many 12x12-ers’ manuscripts have gone on to become published books. 

Reading the daily PiBoIdMo posts during November inspired me to do a little writing each day. Now I didn't say good writing. I do have hope that the act of writing each day will eventually lead to good writing. Or even really good writing. Or one day (gasp!) a published book!

Here’s to a creative 2013!

Do you have a New Year’s writing resolution?


  1. Good luck with 12x12, Sharon! What a fun challenge!

    I think my resolution is to make time to write on a regular basis. Pretty simple, but very needed. This year, I did some good writing in big bursts of time, but I would love to get in a more regular rhythm!

  2. Great resolution Brianna. With our busy lives, it is difficult to stay faithful to a regular writing schedule. Especially whether the inspiration strikes or not!

  3. Hey, I'd be happy to produce a good picture book every six months! Could I change the rules? :)

  4. I'm resolved to write every day of 2013. Even if it's just a sentence. That I can do!

  5. Judy- A sentence a day sounds like a great start. Who knows, you could develop a whole novel in haiku form!

    Gale- It takes nerve to break the rules...or come up with your own- I can't wait to see the results!

  6. My resolution is also to write! I like the one sentence a day goal. I should be able to handle that, but geez, haven't been doing it lately. Good luck with 12x12 Sharon.

  7. Thanks, Julie. The holidays are such a busy time. I'm sure your writing will pick up in the New Year!