Friday, November 8, 2013

Making Time to Write

I do a lot of my writing when I'm inspired. An idea takes hold of me and I just can't stop writing.

This is a very fun kind of writing to do.  My writing tends to just flow.

But I often don't dedicate nearly as much time to writing as I would like to do. Life keeps getting in the way.

Recently I was able to dedicate one evening a week just to writing. An evening to myself! When I could focus all my time on writing. It sounded like heaven. But...

when I sat down to this wonderful evening I couldn't think of anything to write about.

Uh-oh! Was this going to work?

It had to! So I started to make lists. Lists of projects I had worked on in the past that I might want to get back to.

One project rekindled my interest. I had loved the idea but I knew I was approaching it from the wrong angle. And (at the time) I couldn't figure out what the right angle was.  

So I started trying to give the project a fresh start. I started the project several times that evening and finally I came up with an angle... an angle that could really work.

Then I went back to inspired writing filling every spare minute. So much fun!

But if I hadn't made the time to write and stared at that blank computer screen--  this exciting project would never have been written.

So, how do you make time to write? What do you do when inspiration won't come?


  1. Lists are a good ideas. Other things I try: I change topic and try to start writing about something else or something new. Then eventually I can get back to my mission.
    The other thing that tends to work for me is a walk (this works better during the day, of course) or even a change of scene like taking the computer out of my office and to the kitchen. Sometimes a new line of sight for my eyes works for my hands on the keyboard as well.

    1. Love all these great ideas, Julie! A change of scene can definitely be inspirational! And I used to love nighttime walks with my husband (before kids :o) ).

  2. Call me nuts, but sometimes what clears my brain is a whirlwind job of cleaning the house.

    1. That's awesome, Gale! I find being in a clean house to be inspirational (just wish I found the act of cleaning to be inspirational too :o)).

  3. I've found that I can knock out 500 words pretty quickly, so that's what I try to do on a regular basis. Even if the words aren't great, and I have lots of revising to do on them before I move on, it keeps me moving in the right direction. And I can make myself write those 500 words before giving in to internet temptation -- or even house cleaning temptation.

  4. Gale, I think it would be easier to write a novel, or edit a set of encyclopedias, than clean my house :)

  5. When I'm blocked, I try to think of a scene or setting, maybe different from the one I am stuck on, and get moving from there. It often happens when I am walking down the street and catch sight of something that gives me the idea for a setting.