Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bob Dylan - Must Be Santa

Last year a friend of mine who does a weekly music e-mail, sent out this offering of Bob Dylan "Must Be Santa" for Christmas. At first, I was like...huh? But this song and video never fail to make me smile.

So why include it here, on a writing blog?

First off...in case you haven't noticed there are only 4 shopping days until Christmas!!! (When did that happen?)

Secondly...I'm going to challenge you to use it as a writing prompt.

Yep. Here's your mission if you choose to accept it.

1. Find your sense of humor. I know mine is upset with me at the moment.

2. Go get a drink that warms your cockles. Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate with a mountain of whipped cream. Wine. Tequila. Disaronno.

3. Press play (if you've already done that, don't worry, you can still follow along)

4. Watch!

5. Comment. Have fun with it! Forget about wrapping, baking, visits, deadlines, bills, and hangovers. I mean, really I WANT to be at this party! Why does Bob change his hat so many times? Who are all those people? Who's the guy (or gal) passed out outside? And why...WHY do those three guys go tearing through the house?

I have my ideas...how about yours?


  1. Hi Robin,

    This was fun! I'd never seen this before. I don't plan to actually do your writing challenge, but you have me thinking about hat changes and such. So is the moral of this post to say when you can't beat 'em, write a story instead? Ho! Ho! Ho!

    Linda A.

  2. I have that Dylan Christmas album and I'll never listen to this song in the same way again!

    Bob changes his hat so many times because Santa is frantic and high? Or is there a different Santa for everyone? Dunno. My sense of humor is tired after my last post.

  3. I could use a good party.

    And one thig is for sure -- those three guys are not the three wise men!

  4. I wish I could make a thoughtful and provocative comment. But I can't. It was fun to watch, though.

    I don't get the hat changing. Or his hair? Did his hair seem to go from gray to brown, or was it my eyes doing that? Probably just me.

  5. Thanks for stopping by during this hectic season!

    Linda - The first time I saw this video, as I said, I was left scratching my head, but it made me smile because it did make me wonder...okay, now what's going on here...

    Gale - My brain is fried from your clever post!!

    Judy - Right there with you!

    Meg - Yes, I think his hair changes too, probably his eyes! It's a crazy, dream like (or nightmarish depending on your mood!) visual.

    I could see several ideas here to start something. Or maybe it's just to show that those on the Naughty List have more fun...

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Paper Waiters!! Much success in 2011 :)