Monday, December 13, 2010

Guess the Christmas Gifts

What gifts are under the tree for these nursery rhyme characters?

1. Wee Willie Winkie.
2. The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe.
3. Little Miss Muffet.
4. Little Boy Blue.
5. Jack and Jill.
6. Humpty Dumpty.
7. Doctor Foster.
8. Bobby Shafto and his girl friend.

Give up?

1. A Razor scooter.
2. The Pill.
3. A can of Raid.
4. A watch with an alarm.
5. A bottle of Percocet.
6. A parachute.
7. Waist high waders.
8. Skype.

Can you think of more characters and gifts?


  1. The Farmer in the Dell -- a fine bottle of Chianti.

    Curly Locks -- a Stair Master

    Eeencey Weencey Spider -- Bungee Equipment

  2. Good ones, J.A! What fun to forget serious writing stuff for a while.

  3. Funny stuffs! How about this one:

    The Gingerbread Man - body armor

  4. Georgy Porgy -- Sensitivity Training (at the very least)

  5. Maybe Wee Willie Winkie would share his scooter with the Gingerbread Man?

    As for Georgie Porgie, that training class should be taught by Miss Allard.

  6. My mistake, that wicked substitute in Miss Nelson is Missing is Miss Swamp, not Miss Allard. It's Viola Swamp that Georgie Porgie needs!

    (The author is Henry Allard)

  7. Yes, Miss Swamp will whip him into shape! p.s. My apologies to Georgie Porgie for misspelling his name.

  8. I am currently too brain dead to be clever enough to think up something to post here -- but I'm having fun reading everyone else's fun thoughts.

  9. A Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas to....

    Little Bo Peep

    who receives a Garmin GPS to help locate those sheep !

  10. Meg, You're not brain dead, you're doing serious writing and we're spending our time being silly!

    Eileen, I bet the cow that jumped over the moon could use some GPS guidance too.

  11. I'm with Meg on this one (a bout of stomach flu will do that to you!)

    What a whimsical post! Love it, and the comments :)

  12. Sorry about the stomach flu, Robin, perhaps you need to unwrap a bundle of energy? Bad time of the year to be sick! Hope you're better soon.