Monday, November 21, 2011


Okay, I’m not gonna lie…my mind is in a million different places at once. It’s all good – nice, fun sort of stress, but still – coming up with a witty, exciting, fresh post for y’all is challenging today. Seeing that we’re three days away from Thanksgiving, I’m going to talk about GRATITUDE.

I know, not original or fresh, but I told you…I’m stressing here!

I’m grateful for so many things in my life, but since this is a writing blog, I will stick to, well, writing and why I am truly grateful to be in this sometimes (ha!) crazy business.

Truth: writing doesn’t always make me happy. (shocker!) At times it makes me downright miserable. A crappy writing day can spill over into the rest of my life, and suddenly nothing seems right. I’m moody, short with those I love and even the slightest look in my direction can send me into a downward spiral of “Why do I do this again?”

Conversely, an awesome writing day, well wow, does it get any better? Even when it rains and dinner burns and you realize that you’ve been using your vacuum as a coat hanger and the floor is so full of lint you could probably fashion a stocking cap out of it…none of it matters because you’ve been in the zone.

Oddly enough, I’m grateful for both kinds of days. The bad ones because they make me dig deeper. The good ones don’t need any explanation, do they?

I’m also grateful for the people I have met on this journey. I have been blessed to be a part of not one, but two awesome critique groups. I was more than a little heartbroken to leave my NJ group, good crit partners (and friends) are HARD to find! But before I even unpacked my boxes here in my new home, I sent a shout out to my local SCBWI listserv and immediately connected to another writer, who now is not just a writer bud, but a true friend. We started a group and BAM – the five of us have fashioned our own little writer family to support each other along the way. Just last week, I came to the meeting in a not very positive place. I was frustrated with a chapter I’d been revising and the whole process which sometimes seems to flow at a glacial pace for me. As I spilled my guts to people who could really understand where I was coming from, I felt lighter. I left the meeting…dare I say…happy? Ready to tackle revisions again. Throw in a cinnamon sugar bagel and coffee, and what more could you ask for?

Another person who I'm grateful to have met along my writing journey is my agent, Tamar Rydzinski. Having someone believe in my writing always gets me through those rough days I described above. And the gentle nudges now and then don't hurt either!

And last, but most definitely not least, I’m grateful for you Paper Waiters – for reading, commenting, being a part of this online community. It’s nice to be able to make connections through our writing! Happy Thanksgiving!

So, what part of your writing journey are you grateful for?


  1. I'm grateful for all the same things as you. I'll bet lots of us are. I'm also grateful for the editors and assistants and others who've occasionally fished me out of the slush and published my work (Keep Your Ear on the Ball and a bunch of magazine stories and poems). Writing is occasionally torture, but being a writer is so much fun!

    Thanks for a great post - in spite of the stress! Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Let's be thankful to be writers any day and every day. Even a bad day as a writer is better than a day without writing. Writing puts a little bounce in my step--even more than caffeine. :)

  3. I'm grateful for many of the same reasons as you, Robin.

    I am so grateful I made the decision to try to write a book. And I'm really grateful I kept going until I finished it. And I'm even more grateful I tried again.

    Writing is somewhat like raising children. It can be totally frustrating, but you never stop loving it. For that, I'm grateful.

  4. One of my biggest "gratefuls" is the number of friends I have made. The writers I know are a generous and thoughtful lot and it doesn't hurt that most also have a great sense of humor!