Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Time to Celebrate!

There are the blog posts where I question and the blog posts where I wonder. There are the blog posts where I doubt and the blog posts where I discover.

And then there are the blog posts where I... celebrate!

I love to celebrate!!!!

My book, "Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?", has a cover! An adorable cover by the fabulous Christian Slade! I am so excited!!!! (I know, exclamation points are my weakness. I should use less of them, but I really am sooooo excited!!!!!)

It is amazing to see my words illustrated so beautifully. And, somehow, seeing my book's fantastic cover makes this whole "getting published" thing feel a bit more real.

Before I know it, it will be May 2012 and I will be holding an actual book in my hands.

Eek! I've got a website and some business cards to make before then!

So, thanks for celebrating with me! And now, back to work. It's time to revise another manuscript...


  1. Most definitely time to celebrate! Congratulations!

  2. My son would've LOVED this book as a toddler ... now he's on to designing his own. Celebrate! I hope you get some dirt under your fingernails. Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! What a great book for all kids. Those who are allowed to get dirty as well as those who only push their trucks indoors.

    Linda A.

  4. Brianna - what a great cover! It's so much fun! And it's making me use exclamation points, too!!!!!!!!

  5. Congratulations Brianna!!! It's a real milestone, and it looks great. Can't wait to buy a copy...

  6. Love that smile on the bulldozer. Congratulations! It was worth the wait.

  7. Totally love that cover. Really wants to make you reach out and grab the book.

  8. Brianna

    Congratulations! What a charming, cute and fun cover!

    Wonderful news!


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  10. Congratulations Brianna! I'm so happy you've been paired with an equally talented illustrator- It's like making beautiful music together!

  11. Brianna - sorry I'm coming late to the party...WOW! Love the cover! And so nice to see a boy book. Congratulations! Hope you are doing something awesome to celebrate :)

  12. Even later to the party -- but the cover is FANTASTIC, Brianna!