Thursday, December 8, 2011

No Longer Dreaming

For many years, I have dreamed of having a published book. I dreamed of the author bio, and I dreamed of the dedication. I dreamed of my author website, and I dreamed of my author visits.

But, for many years, I told myself that these dreams had to be put aside. Otherwise, I would never actually get a book published.

But now, that first book is just months away, and many of the things I used to just dream about have become real items on my writer's to do list.

Months ago, I wrote my author bio and dedication. Now it is a pleasure to see both in the incredible F&G's my editor recently shared with me (and my 5-year-old truck enthusiast loves having a book dedicated to him!).

A few weeks ago, I printed up a business card with my book cover on it, and it feels awesome to have a business card with my book cover on it. But...

the website I listed on the business card was a mere place holder page. Nothing like the site I had envisioned in my mind.

So, I have been hard at work designing that website (still very much a work in progress- but I couldn't write this blog post without sharing what I've done so far!). And on that site, I get to describe those school visits I have imagined doing for so long.

It is very exciting to work on these things, but stressful too at times. I hope everything comes out right. And I hope I manage to balance my time correctly, so I still get to keep writing and, hopefully sometime soon, get to celebrate a book #2.


  1. Congratulations! Your blog is very attractive. I think it's one that children will love, especially if they get to play here.

    Linda A.

  2. Thanks so much, Linda! I'm so glad you like the look of the site. And I hope I can make it fun!

  3. You've put together a colorful and fun website. Looking forward to getting a copy of the book!

    And yes, sometimes dreams do come true.

  4. Thanks, Gale! Fun is exactly what I was going for!

    I got press proofs from my editor yesterday, and they are wonderful. Can't wait till you get to see the book!

  5. The website looks great! And a great author photo! Congratulations.

  6. What a fun and informative web site - with lots of color and energy! Congratulations ! And wonderful illustrations!

  7. What a fun and informative web site - with lots of color and energy! Congratulations ! And wonderful illustrations!

  8. J.A.-- So glad you like the site! The photographer who took the author photo is awesome and she's right in Madison! I highly recommend Sandra Nissen for any NJ area Paper Waiters in need of an author photo!

    Eileen-- Glad to hear you find the website informative! I love the illustrations too! The book cover with the illustration by my book's wonderful illustrator Christian Slade is so much fun. And the digger animation was made by a wonderful illustrator, named Jerry Fuchs! I feel so lucky to have such wonderful illustrations and animations on my site!

  9. I love your website Brianna! It's very accessible and fun!