Monday, February 10, 2014

My Final Post

I am feeling really sentimental right now. This is my final post for The Paper Wait.

I remember when we sat around a table trying to figure out a name for this new blog we were trying to form. And I remember when we "practice blogged" before we even shared with the world what we were doing. The world of blogging was so brand-new!

Over the years, our blog blossomed. It became a place for us to converse about what was going on in our writing lives. With our fellow critique group members and with our wonderful readers. (Thank you, Wonderful Readers!)

Over the years, our posts shared the highlights of our writing lives. These posts share our questions and our doubts and our fears. They also share our successes and our cheers for one another!

I know I can look back at my own posts to remember so many precious writing memories. And so many challenging revisions. (Won't it be neat to look back at a post about wrestling with how to get a manuscript just right once I sell that manuscript? I think hopefully. One of the manuscripts I wrote about just went out into the world to try to find a home and another will be going out soon. :o) )

Our blog has been filled with memories and with celebrations. It has also been filled with problem solving and with conversations.

I will miss our blog! Please keep in touch and make sure to share ALL exciting writing news (I know there will be a lot from our talented critique group and our talented readers!)

To my fellow bloggers: Thank you for blogging with me! It has been a wonderful five years!


  1. Brianna, I miss seeing you in person and I will miss your posts here, but we can keep in touch through other social media -- more to come.

    1. Miss seeing you in person too J.A.! Keeping in touch through other social media sounds great! It is just so wonderful to hear what is going on with everyone. :o)

  2. Brianna,
    I also miss you at meetings, but with all the projects you have going, I'll be sending you congratulation notes often, so we'll be in touch.

    1. I definitely miss our wonderful meetings Gale! And thanks for the vote of confidence! Hope some of those possibilities turn into good news! :o)